Join with us in celebrating the food, wine and produce of the Canberra/southern NSW region !

Slow Food promotes 'good, clean and fair' food for all:

- 'good' means nutritious food that is part of a local food culture;

- 'clean' means not harmful to the environment, animal welfare or human health; and

- 'fair' means accessible prices for consumers and fair returns, pay and conditions for producers.

Slow Food Events Newsletter

Book now for the following events:

– COGS garden visit – 11am, Sunday 15 Feb 2015

– Galloway beef dinner – Friday 28 Feb (Shared event)

– Asado (Ltin American “barbecue”) – Sunday 15 March (Shared event)

 Save the date for these coming events

– 2015 Harvest Festival – 28 March

– “Dinner under the stars” – Saturday 28 March 2015 (South coast – shared event)

– Passata day – Sunday 29 March

– Chestnut and walnut forage – April TBA

For full details of the above events, see the February Events Newsletter