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Members of Slow Food’s Canberra — Capital and Country Convivium (4Cs) have lots of events to choose from — about 40 per year!  We organise about two-thirds of them; the remainder are held by others and we go along as a group.

“You’ve taken me places I’ve never been before!—  A 4Cs member”

With such a wide range of activities available in the convivium, and varying by season, it’s easy to pick events that suit your particular interests and budget. Many members come along to a range of events. Others concentrate more on visiting producers in the region; or sharing knowledge about vegetable growing; or going to long-table lunches, dinners or chef master classes. These and other activities all embody the Slow Food philosophy.


4Cs events are like ingredients on a shelf — you pick the ones that interest you!

News of upcoming events comes via our colourful local newsletter, 4Czons Events, which is sent out via email.  It also has links to interesting articles, and reports by our members of culinary adventures during their travels overseas and interstate.  See the latest (and past) editions in our Newsletter section.  You can subscribe using the link in the side bar.


Convivium” struck us as an unusual word at first, but conviviality is definitely the keyword of Slow Food Canberra.  Ever since our first event, we’ve felt warmly welcome — we fit right in.”
—  A member who joined us recently

Below are the main types of events. You can get more of the flavour of each interest area in our photo gallery


Our convivial dinners

Slow Food dinners bring together chefs, producers and winemakers in a celebration of the culinary riches of our region!  See the gallery for photographs of some of the dinners — in various price ranges — that Slow Food 4Cs members have enjoyed.




Delectable dishes

We enjoy some delectable dishes at Slow Food 4Cs dinners, lunches and long-table get-togethers.  See the gallery for photographs (our photographer members always mean to take more — they just tend to forget when the moment comes!)



Lunches and afternoons

Our lunches and afternoon events are the best!  Often we hold them at a property of our many local and regional producers.  We find out how the crop is grown and processed — then we sit down to a lunch with the same theme.  Great food, great company!  See the gallery for photographs.




Sharing insights

Our members benefit greatly from the culinary professionals who share our passion and who generously share their experience and wisdom.  See the gallery for photographs.




Visits to producers

The variety of produce grown in our region is amazing!  Visiting producers greatly increases our knowledge and reinforces our efforts to support them, such as by helping to link them with local customers.  See the gallery for photographs




Local provedores

At our “A Taste of Slow” fair in Canberra, local producers and provedores were a big attraction. See the gallery for more photographs





Wines and beers

Canberra’s vineyards and wineries are developing a strong reputation.  Same too on the beers front!  See the gallery for photographs





Slow Soup Kitchen at a Farmers markets.

The Slow Soup Kitchen concept is to offer soup on a ‘pay what you think it’s worth’ and ‘what you can afford basis’ which challenges the market goer to think about the value of the food. It also encourages the use of seasonal and regional produce that is good, clean and fair. Soups are made with ingredients sourced from the markets and served with wood-fired bread and recipes are available so that the soups can be made at home. Funds raised at Slow Food Canberra’s Slow Soup Kitchens have supported such projects as the cookbook “Helpings: Real food for young people by young people” and the Kibangenge family garden in Kenya, which is one of the Thousand Gardens in Africa being developed by Slow Food International.  A video about the slow soup kitchen can be found at : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8dlEdCH6s8k


A member’s garden

Some of our members believe that one of the best ways of following the Slow Food philosophy is to “grow your own”. See the gallery for photographs of the garden of one of those members.






These are just some of the examples from our diverse program. There’s lots more! Come along to a 4Cs event and find out for yourself — see the Contact us page.


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