Who are the 4Cs?

“4Cs” stands for Slow Food’s “Canberra — Capital & Country Convivium”.

“Convivium” was a Latin word, originating in “living together”, for the common room where everyone ate and talked at the end of the day. Eventually it became the term for a festive gathering. Later still, it gave rise in English to ‘”convivial” — fond of feasting, drinking and good company; sociable; merry, festive.

The “Canberra — Capital & Country” in our convivium’s name reflects the fact that we are not merely based on the national capital. Many of our members live in the wider region, and that is where producers of fresh local produce live.

We join together to celebrate the excellence of food and wine in our entire region, and to encourage the availability of diverse, fresh local ingredients. Our varied experiences as members include:

  • excellent dinners and lunches (in a range of prices, from family-affordable upwards)
  • “table d’hôte” events where members sample food and wines from people who share the Slow Food philosophy
  • conversations with chefs, educators, authors and food entrepreneurs
  • visits to producers and provedores who tell us about their methods and approaches, and inspire us with their passion to excel in their field
  • the important “convivial” aspect: having a sociable/festive time with like-minded friends of the “Slow lifestyle”.

Some members prefer to join in only one type of activity (for example, our restaurateur members are too busy to come to dinners). Everyone has their pick of whatever takes their fancy. Our activities and experiences are only limited by the creativity of our members!

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