Join with us in celebrating the food, wine and produce of the Canberra/southern NSW region !

Slow Food promotes 'good, clean and fair' food for all:

- 'good' means nutritious food that is part of a local food culture;

- 'clean' means not harmful to the environment, animal welfare or human health; and

- 'fair' means accessible prices for consumers and fair returns, pay and conditions for producers.

Slow Food Events Newsletter

We have set ourselves a project to update the website, as this hasn’t been done for a while.

Our aims will be to:

–   ensure the site better reflects what Slow Food Canberra is ‘up to’;

–   have our events information more up to date;

–   include better links to resources such as interesting articles and information about like-minded groups around the region working towards a fairer food system for all.

We are an entirely volunteer-run ‘not for profit’, so this update will happen over time as our volunteers are able to develop the new pages and get them up on the site.  We appreciate your patience in the meantime !

If you would like to contact us about events, ideas, suggestions, contributions, etc you can send us an email ( or message us on our Facebook page (“Slow Food Canberra Capital and Country Convivium”).