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Come with us on a journey to discover the diversity of food, wine and produce in the Canberra region and beyond!

Slow Food is an international movement that promotes food and wine culture. It links pleasure and food with awareness and responsibility. Slow Food is also about forming networks between farmers and consumers; learning about our land and its limitations; and seeking to preserve local, regional and national foods and food practices especially those that are threatened with extinction.

Slow Food Events Newsletter

Book now for the following events:

- COGS garden visit – 11am, Sunday 15 Feb 2015

- Galloway beef dinner – Friday 28 Feb (Shared event)

- Asado (Ltin American “barbecue”) – Sunday 15 March (Shared event)

 Save the date for these coming events

- 2015 Harvest Festival – 28 March

- “Dinner under the stars” – Saturday 28 March 2015 (South coast – shared event)

- Passata day – Sunday 29 March

- Chestnut and walnut forage – April TBA

For full details of the above events, see the February Events Newsletter